Occupying Myself

Occupy Wall Street has now turned into Occupy Sandy. They seem to be doing very good and very necessary work providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It got me thinking. Yes, I need to get my unemployed self out and volunteering, but that’s not what where I’m going with this.

I think it’s time I Occupy something other than my apartment. It’s not just about something to do, it’s about having something to say. The thing is I’m actually running out of things to say. Hard to imagine for anyone who knows me, but I need new material in my own life, and I think Occupying will satisfy that need.

Options that I am considering.
Occupy George Entwhistle
Amidst a host of sexual abuse scandals at the BBC, George Entwhistle resigned his position of Director General after just 54 days on the job. Entwhistle will receive a  £450,000 (US $713,000) payout.
Pros: Travel. English Beer. Acquiring a fake English accent.
Cons: Weather. Lousy coffee. Possible restraining order.

Occupy James Beard Foundation
I had what I thought was a great interview at the JBF, and all signs pointed to a second interview. After weeks, and I mean weeks of waiting, I finally got a note saying they had hired someone, and it wasn’t me.
Pros: Convenient location. Media worthy organization, ergo a chance to bring attention to my plight.  Good coffee shops nearby.
Cons: Media attention could backfire and I could end up in a rubber room at Bellevue. It’s getting cold out there. Possible restraining order.

Occupy Google
Fact is, I want a job at Google. Recently a friend of mine who works there gave me a tour of the facilities. Coffee bars on every floor, I saw 3 out of I don’t know how many cafeterias, an actual ice cream truck with a beer spigot attachment. Oh yeah and it’s all free for staff and guests. Yes free. 


                           Plus, free therapy!

And the list goes on. Google has my resume –add to that all my web browsing and private email info they have access to, they pretty much own me already, so the least they could do is put me on staff.

Pros: Subway stop is A express, no changing trains necessary. Friend on the inside to smuggle me coffee and food. Near the High Line when scenery change is required.
Cons: Don’t really want to get on Google’s bad side. Friend might pretend he doesn’t know me, ergo no snacks. Restraining order would probably be the least of my problems.

In Conclusion
Herein lies the rub. My ongoing lack of employment and recent stint at Occupy Sofa seems to have left  me rather addle-pated. I think the smartest and most interesting choice would be for me to Occupy my Kitchen.

There was a period of time where I thought if I could learn how to bake a Gateau Basque everything would work out great.

After many tries I made the the cake and things were good…for a while. So the most logical thing at this time would be to return to Baking Therapy.  I’m pretty sure if I can master the fine art of Meringues, everything is going to be just fine. If nothing else, it should make for some interesting times in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Occupying Myself

  1. Phillip says:

    I fully support cake therapy and would like one of these please: http://www.foodily.com/r/r8nXmbIP6-clementine-cake. Am willing to pay up to $40.


  2. Naomi Major says:

    Phillip, I have actually made that cake and can tell you it’s delicious. And because I know you are coming to town I will bake you that cake!


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