A blook with several chapters and tangents by me and about me, Naomi Major.

Introduction Part I
Introduction Part II
Introduction Part III


I was on the Q train heading home to Brooklyn, when my gaze fell upon the hands of the woman sitting across from me. Her nails, at least 3 inches long, were sending me a message. On her index fingernail in black nail polish on a white background, was an “S,”on her middle an “E,” on her ring an “X,” and on her pinky a “Y.” SEXY. It was printed in such a way that when her hands were resting on her lap we, her audience, could read it right side up. Staring at her nails I couldn’t help thinking, who on earth did she do this for?

Her husband? Her boss? Herself? I tried deductive reasoning.

Maybe when she was having an elastic waistband-and-Häagen- Dazs-day she could look at her nails and remember she was SEXY. But then wouldn’t the letters be facing her, for a more convenient read? Perhaps if she was at a night club and a guy was hitting on her but still hesitant about her sexy status, she could just flash her nails and let him know “Hey in case you’re not convinced by the abyss that is my cleavage, I am definitely Sexy. Then again, maybe it was for more altruistic reasons.

Maybe she’s the leader of a self-help group for women who consider themselves dowdy and her nails are her visual aids. I can see her talking to her group, “Ladies, we must always feel our best and let the world know who we really are. I am SEXY and now what are you? Let the world know who you are! Shout it out! Spell it out!

I wanted to spell it out, but alas, “bitter” doesn’t fit on one hand.

 August 9, 2002

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