I’m Social and I Know What Media Is

Recently I joined the revolution. What revolution was that, you may be wondering? The one that everyone else joined years ago. I finally upgraded my dataless iPhone 3 with some fancy Samsung that actually has data. This was about six weeks, so I feel it’s time to review the changes I have undergone since signing up and plugging in.


Biggest one? I brought back the time-suck that is Facebook. Why? You may be asking. Didn’t you quit FB in a huff many years ago, claiming it was ruining your life; and did you not admit to spending all of your time looking up people you don’t actually like so you could see if you were better or worse off than they were? (Classy!) The last time I was hanging out on The Facebook I found myself “friends” with the people who used to beat me up after school, and random people I had met and we Facebooked friends, and then I was stuck reading their random, boring life crap because I was too Canadian to un-friend them. Not this time. I swear. I am only friends with actual friends.

An example of some of “actual friends”:


I was also determined to not be one of those people who got to a certain age and said “oh, I don’t understand about all this social media stuff, it’s really for the kids.” Number 1, I still need a job, so suck up sister and learn, and number 2, that’s what I was becoming. No more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.25.32 PM

And then, Shazam! Instagram! Instagram is super fun. How come no one told me? It’s just photos and maybe a cute little caption. And I figured out how to link Instagram and Facebook, and then Facebook and my blog. And, oh my, I’m a social media maven! The main problem with Instagram is that requires me to use the camera on my phone. Still trying to perfect that bad boy. It took me two weeks to actually figure out how to answer my phone. Seriously. I kept disconnecting people. Seriously.

Now I do have a Twitter account, but it’s long dormant. I need to get on that. Twitter is the one that gives me the most agita. Because it’s only 40 characters I feel like I need to be maximum witty in minimum space and that’s a lot of pressure.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.33.31 PM

See? I’ve barely begun and I’m over by twenty four characters. Guess I need to start looking for small words that have a big impact.

So really, this blog, er social media post, is really just one big plug for my other social media sites, and one more…My sister Rachel is doing this awesome photo project on Instagram, and I highly suggest you follow her.

I’m thinking my next job could be Internet Media Maven.








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