The Best Place To Live in America

For those of you I don’t speak with on a regular basis, I feel the need to update you on my post-November 8 emotional status. I have none. Oh I have emotions, a whole range in fact…

😀  😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣  😊 😇 🙂   😌 😍   😙 😚 😋 😜 😝 😛   😏 😒 😞 😔 😟 😕 🙁 😣 😖 😫  😤 😠

…and more than a few were expressed quite vehemently in the days following Trumpaggedon. But as it stands now, my emotions have been so repressed that I believe they may actually be gone. You may be thinking, Naomi, repressing your emotions is very unhealthy. Didn’t you spend 10 years in therapy because you became so expert at repression that you were a walking spark where one wrong word flipped your setting to wildfire? Let’s talk about this. Let confront your feelings. Open up. Share.

A wax likeness of Austrian founder of the psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud sits in Berlin's Madame Tussaud's wax museum, during a press preview of the museum on July 3, 2008. The museum opens to the public on July 5. AFP PHOTO DDP/ CLEMENS BILAN GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read CLEMENS BILAN/AFP/Getty Images)


And I’ll tell you why the answer is no. It’s because I’m fine….and I’m fine because I moved to a little place called Denial.

Denial is awesome. It’s a place where the environment and human rights are still on the federal government’s agenda. It’s a place where bankers don’t get rewarded for being, well, bankers. It’s a place where I feel safe. The downside of Denial, like Bridgadoon* is that there’s an expiry date.


The expiry date for Denial is December 19. Here’s how I dream
of the day  unfolding:

7:15 am Alarm goes off

9:00 am At Temp Job

1:00 pm The DNN (Denial News Network) reports that a staggering number of Electoral College Voters have abstained and/or voted for Hillary.

3:00 pm I get offered a permanent job!

5:00 pm Leave work, meet husband and friends to celebrate the genius of the Electoral College and our new President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

8:00 pm Arrive home and watch a hockey game. Leafs win.

10:00 pm Bed.


My fear though, is it’s going to go more like this…

December 19
-news announces Trumpanovs are president for realsies
-I eat my feelings in the form of junk food and overpriced coffee drinks
-Order in sad Chinese food
-Leafs lose


December 20  Spell is gone. Dam is broken. So many emotions pour forth uncontrollably from my body, my temp job calls security and I’m escorted out.

December 21 Got to bed. Wake up 4 years later and discover I’ve lost 20 pounds, haven’t a gained a wrinkle and Elizabeth Warren
is about to take the take the Oath of Office.

But that’s not until next week. So, if you want to live large and feel at peace, I invite you to join me for the next 3 days in Denial. No reservations needed. Irrational hopes for the future welcome.

* Brigadoon is a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every 100 years. People are happy and dance a lot.


4 thoughts on “The Best Place To Live in America

  1. Eyeteeth says:

    Ordinarily I’d say it should be “Dam is broken,” but in this case I think your usage is more accurate.


  2. Barbara Sutton says:

    I love it Nomi and will happily join you in denial. I, too, am hoping the Electoral College will fulfil its constitutional instructions. Hope springs eternal. . .

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Judith Major says:

    Love it!!


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